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3​.​5G (#8thTape)

by Sure Shot

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released December 18, 2013

hosted by Inner Circle Radio
engineered by Anthony Dennis


all rights reserved



Sure Shot Amityville, New York

"The best way to kill your dreams is by waiting on someone else to start your movement, and with those wise words in his mental every morning he wakes, Jimmy Vasquez, alias S.S., is making his way smoothly through this hustle & bustle of artists to come out of New York."

- Chad Law, Inner Circle Radio
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Track Name: The Answer
I'm from the Backwoods, where Backwoods is rolled to dust/ Lost jump shots and written's, they fell victim to dust/ I don't know how them Niggas was living they had dreams just like us/ No smiles 'round here, shit the ice cream man don't like us/ From where Niggaz don't pull they guns if they ain't gon' buss/ And niggaz be cakin' off them county's lookin' like Franco bucks*/ Was an observant young cub in the junglest hood/ Cops pull you over and throw you on top of your hood/ Where boys hop out, black tees, big ass ratchies/ And the last thing they pulling out, gon be the badge G/ Ain't no Maybachs, catch a money nigga tinted in a taxi/ Run 'em down in the street Nigga, nothing is tax free/ Biggest Nigga, but we found out the Nigga was maxi**/ Snatched his earrings, soaked 'em good, and copped a watch to match it/ Just as ghetto on these blocks as you've ever imagined/ Sure Shot, street scholar got them veteran passes/ Feel the Kush hit your chest like them veteran passes/ Y'all washed up, go on and take the kids Splish Splash'n/ Wave pool, fast chicks used to slip dick past em (of course)/ That was some young shit, Now its bubble vest True Religion jean sets on some young shit/ True Religion Chuck T's maybe on some dumb shit/ Fuck it.../ True Religion on the bucket too/ I'm on my toes so sharp, that i cut the shoe/ Walk the streets of A-Ville, plus Farmin' too/ So much green you'd think we farmed it dude../ For a lick we hit fiends, serve Mommas too/ Shit im honest you/.... Might not want to bring them news cameras/ Lens catch the shimmer of the deuce deuce hammer/ And shooters is 16, that's a loose cannon/ Damn/ And grandmothers is 35/ One gram of garbage sheet rock is 35, you hurtin' right? EIGHTHS!
Track Name: Leverage
It's a new day and I'm thankful (of course)/ Hash browns, turkey kielbasa with a tropicana juice, grapefruit./ Newsday im in the sports page group/ I've got some time to burn/ You should spend less effort trying to do, and more trying to learn,/ Then you stack commas, I'm polished, now let the scoma burn/ Only from the idol in the village is who the child shall learn.../ So who better than Vintage?/ Fuck what they putting up, whos shooting at the better percentage/Embedded in is a winner.../ And I'm in bed with a winner,/ Stab out the state, late return in the winter/ Rubbed down in Shea Butter, I return with a shimmer/ Return with a Jimmer*/ Snubbed-nose, rubber for gripping/ Heard some tough guys thinkin' that the Lord could be slippin'/but naw.../ I'm so New York and its sickening/ Forces in the summer, Goadomes all thru November/ A lot of prospects, but only a few are contenders,/ The price? It's what you pay, I use you as the leverage.. Holler Back!
Track Name: Vintage SS
Gotta be doing something right for sure/ Complain about my handle they say I be pushing off/ Still do the khakis, leather still butter soft/ Seat dropped in the coupe, occasionally whip the foreign/ Got a bitch in BK , occasionally stick a foreign*/ And I'm just being honest in my phone she under 'Tourist'*/ ...Flew over your head now, I'm Jordan./ And you the instagrammer catchin' angles from the floors and/ ..I could give a damn about these whores when/ 80% of the G'z getting friendly extorted (shit)/ Still settling for a portion/ When that don't make a meal, a band for a hundred pack of blues/ Naw, that would be a steal. 32 double for the purple haze, that aint in the field/ The 'ye compressed, for 100 is 3 bills/ And Crack's still 42 (So..)/ I leave that to the children.. (Yup!) (Damn)/ But I'm just being honest, Niggaz be broke as hell and wanna blame it on the product/ Dumped a model , fine as hell, wanted something more modest/ She took it in stride, said she wanted someone more Honest.. (damn)/ Guess one's trash is the next's fortune, granite counter tops, the floors marble or porcelain/ Stucco on the walls, inside draped in portraits.../ 14K on the faucets.. Momma said keep at it , and I could achieve all this..... (8ths)
Track Name: The Question
... I sense they hate the positions that I'm amongst/ They feel the Boy's absence and they hate what the Boy's become./ I play it low-key , they assume its dwindling funds/ They test the Brother../ Throw shots, he's the kevlar-vested Brother/ Still I stand tall, I'm the Predestined Brother The Manchurian Candidate like I'm Denzel's Brother/ Get the first Benz to hover/ Offend your mother/ Covet your lover/ End of discussion (end of discussion..)/ These Niggaz don't talk no progress, you know why?/ 'Cause Niggaz don't talk no process/ Some young Niggaz, roaming the streets on some lost shit/ MY Young Niggaz, feast on the block.. Dunbar shit (Dunbar!) (Yup)/ And you can hash tag that/ I'm in the bando , backwoods, bringing hash back/ Or the 50's of sour, the 50th power is 48 after the S.S.*/ Could've had shorty clipped it'd be less stress/ I could put the hit out/ Knock it down to temp and then serve the whole bid out/ Back against the wall I'm A.Z. with the kid out**/ Tryin' to make it look good, I know they'll put the pic out! (tuh)/ So the rented goons we send out/ Tinted coupes flooded with jewels and then its sent out/ And then we Pray...