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Esther '88

from by Sure Shot



Champagne for my real friends & Real pain for my sham friends/ I put the eggs in one basket anyways and got to scrambling/ some bag some stamp it/ watch me whisk the work like it's yoke/ u missing in the game looking stingy with ya folk I ain't gon say u niggaz broke but/ u gotta let it flow let it flow/ get a grip black man get ya doe get ya doe/ ha now bring them horns/ who them niggaz on the corner/ we dem boyz/ prolly thought this was the hook/ but it's not/ put the banner right up on the block/ that's sure shot/ nah we don't push up/ we push weight/ then we let the money sit up/dip jakes/ swervin in and out the fast lane/ in the drop/ movin round wit a bad dame/ I get the box it's non stop

I ain't even gon hold u/ I spit that shit young niggaz get grown to/ that front the first come back cop his own 2/ lost out tryna make the microwave do what the stove do/gotta get it back/ 750 22s stocked but on black/that's them zone 4 zos double parked on the ave / heard they left the boy stinkin double parked on his ass/ I broze thru Smoove lookin like cash rule me/ I'm from New York In some new coogi/ air ones trues sag loosley/ see Chach pack of back woods wa few looseys/bebe n Moschino my bitches don't do juicy/ no bring them horns again / who them niggaz on the corner thinkin it's the boys again/ fuck twelve , try n run catch attempt n no bail/ that ain't going out classy/ square money for my uncle the street money tax free/ free cheek best to ever do it out the backstreets/ south side to CI to global on the map we/ take off/ snort this liable to take ya face off / & that's off top!


from "Off Top​!​", track released June 1, 2014
Produced by Prozak Morris


all rights reserved



Sure Shot Amityville, New York

"The best way to kill your dreams is by waiting on someone else to start your movement, and with those wise words in his mental every morning he wakes, Jimmy Vasquez, alias S.S., is making his way smoothly through this hustle & bustle of artists to come out of New York."

- Chad Law, Inner Circle Radio
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