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Million Dollar Races

from by Sure Shot



I made 2 thousand seven hundred and 38 dollars today/ tight really guess I can't complain/ another buck id be on pace for a mil/passed up balmains bitch thought I would look for a deal/ nah I genuinely ain't fuck with the feel/ straight distribution now if I looked for a deal/ .. I'm at a new plateau/ thru rap slow/ I gain influence/ influence is power/do with that's I won't mention it/ potential for opportunity on some endless shit/ mines was with a note pad n poor penmanship/ now i put together words on some different shit/ sentences to business/ can he really do it/ just re'd up n I'm back plug asked if I really move it/ Papi don't insult me / see this figaro? Seen a rat this healthy?/ in the hood never acting stealthy/ seen niggas from a pack rget wealthy/ seen niggaz cross they right hand man on some left hand shit/ fuck they baby moms too on some best man shit/ still I , pride myself on some lets win shit/ see 12 act cool ditch the pack then split

Nah you can't do told/ how many people ever once told u that/ fuck that it's a go what's holding ya back?/ where My scholars where my niggaz straight holding the crack/ no holding us back!

Took a breather but I'm back now / for a minute I was scrambling for the pack y'all/ couple fronts I was late payin back on/comfortable speaking on it cause since then I've stacked hard/ it's no shame in my game we take losses/ how the fuck ya think a nigga got so precautious/ when it rain I learned to get the galoshes/ shit get slippery I'm well equipped for the fall it's/ top dollar the grown one/ the chose one/ u didn't have a flow so u stole one / my flow come / naturally like from the artisan pit / my Korner legit /with the sickest squadron I spit/listen musically in the god of this shit/ you all made in my likeness y'all apart of the shit/ I break the weed crack the Henny then I gargle a 5th/ then get to creating this dope shit quite often I spit


from "Off Top 2​!​", track released July 1, 2014
Produced by Klim Beats


all rights reserved



Sure Shot Amityville, New York

"The best way to kill your dreams is by waiting on someone else to start your movement, and with those wise words in his mental every morning he wakes, Jimmy Vasquez, alias S.S., is making his way smoothly through this hustle & bustle of artists to come out of New York."

- Chad Law, Inner Circle Radio
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