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The Code

from by Sure Shot



If a nigga run his mouth/ his shit ain't really sweet/ say u getting money my nigga we can't see/ if this was all facts us be putting it in the streets / Gz move in silence my nigga u ain't discreet x2

We don't need u cause u mneed the credentials/ off the name alone niggaz smokin weed in the venue/ on trajectory to fleet the bent thru/ peering thru mirrored tents wicked evils that men do/ uh in the fetal with ya bitch dude/ stiff dick trident n sour deez on the menu/ put ya down with the team n ya can't lose/ old plug from my brother trip to cancun/ n that was like 96/ a clean slate could get wiped off nigga but the grime sticks/ 10 licks worth more than direct deposit/ your music sound like it was craft out the closet/


This that G code shit / that wanna beat the game gotta use these cheat codes shit/ this rap thing easy tho on some free throw shit/ I could leave NY n beast on some zeebo shit/ or flop out on some ledo shit/ my features is on some Corleone Vito shit/ .. consider em all favor/ a standard dope runner double minimum wages/ could never be a worker stuck on minimum flavor/ 2k the unlocked tablet the new pager/ I'm just tryna stay one up in the streets/ keep the gun up in the sheets/ for the gunner in the Vs


from "Off Top 2​!​", track released July 1, 2014
Produced by Klim Beats.


all rights reserved



Sure Shot Amityville, New York

"The best way to kill your dreams is by waiting on someone else to start your movement, and with those wise words in his mental every morning he wakes, Jimmy Vasquez, alias S.S., is making his way smoothly through this hustle & bustle of artists to come out of New York."

- Chad Law, Inner Circle Radio
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