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from by Sure Shot



It's a lot on my mental/ biches acting like niggaz niggaz is on they menstrual/ fiends and hookers keeping the block suspenseful/ cops on the offense they hoppin over the fence too/
God! These niggaz shooting/ these kids is stupid/ but the music is therapeutic
feel like I'm playing away/ nobody rooting/ all booing/ but the music is therapeutic

Off top I'm still finesse/ if it's seafood it ain't just shrimp it's the whole fest/ king crab lobster tail you know the best/ they say it's the last days n any day can b ya last/so/ plus niggas don't wanna ball they wanna ref so/ stand up guys is holed up until they death so/ these unfit niggaz is the majority/ majority rules/ I'm questioning the authority/ phenominally move under the close watch of authority/ the fiend kept his mouth shut the pigs had to pardon me/ excuse u I'm hard to beat/ but god fearing/ they tryna pin a sale on me like I'm on clearance/ first get the hustle than flow it's all Terrance/ once u get the business don't let go ya bearing/ once u get the bearing embrace it don't fear it


Listen playa , I see u running back take a knee / chop it up let me get a water break have a seat/ my nigga I'm in these streets/ so deep I rock an algae coat that's thick as sheep/ so deep with each zone moved I'm more complete/ if killa predicting slow it's coming in to the knees/ fiends on they knees no drip on the sleeve/ dump a quarter brick in stix to my neez/ Couple points on the top to cover transport fees / virgin pure got a beautician that gets it off in weave/ as long as the boss is pleased/ and the cause is reached/ may she ball till lost her knees/ more Celine/ me? Stay more prestige/ still keep something tucked for the mortgage fees/truthfully, shouldnt have spent more in my teens/ could be spending money older than Morgan free/


from "Off Top 2​!​", track released July 1, 2014
Produced by Beat Gates


all rights reserved



Sure Shot Amityville, New York

"The best way to kill your dreams is by waiting on someone else to start your movement, and with those wise words in his mental every morning he wakes, Jimmy Vasquez, alias S.S., is making his way smoothly through this hustle & bustle of artists to come out of New York."

- Chad Law, Inner Circle Radio
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